turning with FREMA electric wheels

Frema's Electric Wheels are the ultimate wheels for professional potters and schools. The POWER, DESIGN, & DURABILITY of our electric wheels are unmatched by any other wheel on the market today.

The Frema wheel offers the studio and a professional potter a wheel of unparalleled performance and versatility, in a compact and user friendly design. The Frema wheel has been designed to complement a Western style of throwing with the wheel head set at a greater height than most wheels of this style allowing a more comfortable throwing position..

The wheel is powered by a super smooth 1/2hp drive that is controlled by a computer enhanced VF drive, that due to its unique design can generate up to the peak equivalent of 1Hp under heavy loads. This enables the wheel to give constant smooth power throughout the speed range and is extremely quiet in operation. The Frema wheels have a large one piece splash tray and can also be supplied with numerous options that can be added to the wheel.

Our Wheels are distributed in South Africa by Ultrafurn